Saturday, May 7, 2011

Qualities in a friend are impotant ..

The day we learn to talk and socialise is the day
we start making friends .. As we grow up ,
we discover that there are many types of friends ..
Some are more of an acquantaince
and a select few are confidantes ..
To me , the word 'friend' is sacred .. It means more
than just a companion who goes for movies
and have laughs over nothing with ..
A friend is someone I can turn to when I am down and
will always stand by my side through thick 
and thin .. What qualities do I look
for in a friend ??

Firstly , my friend should always be caring ..
This means taking an interest in my problems no
matter how big or petty they are ..
A friend gives me encouragement even when everyone else
is againts me ..
Many people say they are friends , but 
most of them run away the minute I am not cheerful or funny ..
A real frien sticks by me no matter what mood
or predicament I am in ..
After all , isn't friendship about accepting
ang liking people for who and what they are ??

Apart from that , a friend should be honest ..
This quality is crucial to me , coz honesty builds trust ..
An honest friend will dissipate any worries
that he or she is lying to me ..
I must be able to trust the person with my secret ..
Apart from that , sometimes I need
an honest opinion about myself or an issue .. If a friend is honest ,
I can trust that his or her opinion is not biased ..
This is very imporant to me , coz although the truth
may hurt it will help me improve ..
Only an honest friend will be able to do that ..

Besides that , a friend must also
be able to share the same humour with me ..
humour plays a quintessential role in making your day
more lively and enjoyable ..
Friends who can joke and laugh over
similar things make life so much more fun :)
As they say , laughter is the best medicine and a little levity
on rainy days is always welcomed ..

I welcome everyone as my friend .
However , I look for certain qualities which
would make him or her a meaningful friend and someone I can count on ..
Among them would be honesty , a warm heart
and the ability to share 
and participate in the same humour ..


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